- who’s in the front, who’s in the middle, and who’s in the back
- who acts like it’s not going to be a big deal but actually screams at the top of their lungs when someone in the group’s hand brushes their arm
- who’s scared about going in but they’re the only one who keeps their cool
- who keeps narrating their adventure in a deep voice as they wander through the haunted house
- and, of course, who loses their shoe as they run out of the attraction

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Former Ghibli animator Hiroshi Shimizu will be the animation director of canadian “Urbance” TV series.
But the project still need support on Kickstarter :


All those new mugshots from ORAS. My hype level is off the charts ewe

person in skype chat: makes typo

everyone else in skype chat: copies and pastes typo for posterity

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refs yo


As a place where a crowd of artists is hanging out, pixiv is filled with tips, tutorials, and resources. But having a deal with its tags-based works arrangement can be a challenge. There is a list of tags labeling useful stuff on pixiv.

メイキング — “making”. Step-by-step records of creating a piece.
講座 — “course”. Tutorials of any kind.
フリー素材 or 素材 — “free material” or “material”. Textures, screentones, stock objects, et cetera.
ブラシ — “brush”.
トーン — “tone”. Screentones.
テクスチャ — “texture”.
パターン and シームレス — “pattern” and “seamless”.
線画 and 塗ってもいいのよ — “lineart” and “it’s okay to color”. Free linearts for coloring. Usually these tags are used together, but give a care to ascertain that “it’s okay to color” is presented.

A browsing tip for non-premium users.
By default, pixiv doesn’t allow to sort items by popularity. But there are specific tags indicating popular works, so you can reach the most popular pieces inside a category instantly by adding to the search query following tags: 10000users入り, 1000users入り, 500users入り. I. e. 講座10000users入り or  素材500users入り.

Title: ミュージックミュージック

Artist: くおん


Music Music (8bit arrange) - cuon

Original - Toa



Since there’s been some confusion and I just found some translations for Novel 8 I thought I’d make a better master reference post for those interested in reading the Durarara Light Novels.

Please keep in mind these are all fantranslations
Also as an fyi the anime basically covers volumes 1-3 pretty well

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

Volume 4:

Volume 5:

Volume 6:

Volume 7:

Volume 8:

Volume 9:

Volume 10:

Volume 11: 

Volume 12:

Volume 13: [release date January 9th, 2014]

Durarara! SH

A year and a half after the end of the Dollars. The meeting of a boy, travelling to Ikebukuro in the capital to seek the Headless Rider, and a girl, whose older sister vanished chasing it; the extraordinary begins — ‘" -Popsiclete

Note: Please refer to Popsiclete’s post in regards to the meaning of SH (hint it’s not Shizuo Heiwajima.)


  • Anni-Fiesta has translated alot of ‘extra’ stuff for Durarara such as the omake, DVD Extras, and CD content. If you dig through their livejournal you can find other things such as character card translations (likes/dislikes) and character name trivia . Lastly they were so wonderful as to make  a timeline for volumes 1-6 and a ‘How do Durarara characters refer to each other?’ doc that can be a life saver for any fanfic writers!
  • Popsiclete has posted a summary of all Durarara novels 1-12.

Ill update/reblog this post if I find anymore translations so please keep an eye out for that. Also be sure to thank the translators for all their hard work and if you have any questions I’ll be glad to help out as much as I can!

Other than that happy reading everyone!

I need everyone to read the latest Durarara!! SH translation from Popsiclete and to please cry with me over the perfection that is Shizuo Heiwajima



snapchat circa 2009….